MOVE Triathlon Triumphs in the Rain

29 Apr 2024
Aquatics, Venue

Despite Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, the 2024 MOVE Triathlon at Queens Park Swimming Pool was a resounding success! With around 90 enthusiastic individuals embracing the challenge on Sunday, April 7, this event showcased both community spirit and athleticism.

Participants gathered undeterred by the sporadic rain showers, from seasoned athletes to first-time triathletes, everyone united in the shared goal of crossing the finish line.

Deputy Mayor Narelle Sharpe from Moonee Valley City Council opened the triathlon, Cr Ava Adams and Cr Rose Iser lent their support and enthusiasm. Cr Rose Iser also joined in the triathlon.

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Amy Cross, MOVE Moonee Valley Area Manager, thanked the dedicated team from MOVE and the invaluable volunteers who gave their time and energy to ensure the event ran smoothly. Amy also highlighted the significance of daily physical activity and advocated for at least 30 minutes of movement each day to enhance overall well-being.

“The team’s commitment and hard work did not go unnoticed, and their efforts were critical in creating a memorable experience for all involved. A special mention goes out to Alex Watt, who brought the event together and led the charge as race director on the day,” Amy said. “The camaraderie among participants was amazing to witness as they tackled the swim, run and ride segments with incredible determination.

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Amy also explained how the TRIActive program, a six-week program tailored specifically for aspiring triathletes, served as the perfect launchpad for participants gearing up for the MOVE Triathlon at Queens Park Swimming Pool.

“In the lead-up to the triathlon, we had 14 aspiring triathletes join our TRIActive program. We offered them complimentary swim passes for pool access and swim and run/ride sessions led by experienced coaches to gain the necessary skills and training to excel in the triathlon,” Amy said.

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TRIActive program participants preparing for the MOVE Triathlon at Queens Park Swimming Pool.

TRIActive program participants received invaluable guidance and support along their journey to triathlon success. The TRIACTIVE program, which ran from February 21st to March 28th, saw dedication from its participants that certainly paid off. It ensured that participants had many opportunities to refine their skills and build endurance in preparation for the event.

Krystle, one of the program’s participants, shared her transformative experience, “The TRIActive program helped me achieve new personal bests in my swimming. I went from hardly being able to swim a lap of the pool to competing in my first mini triathlon. I was very grateful for the coaches and event volunteers who helped me achieve a long-time (almost lifetime) goal.”

Julie McKay, Health Club Coordinator and the driving force behind the TRIActive program, reflected, “The MOVE Moonee Valley team poured their hearts into every swim, ride, and run session throughout the program, running from 19/2 to 28/3 at Queens Park Swimming Pool.

“Coaches Julie, Emily, Kathryn and I were thrilled to equip 16 participants with the skills and support needed to conquer a Tri, especially at the MOVE Moonee Valley Triathlon on April 7th. Volunteering alongside our newfound community, we witnessed the triumph of their determination despite the weather’s challenges, it was a proud moment”, Julie said.

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Following their display of huge determination, MOVE Triathlon participants were welcomed at the finish line with hot showers and breakfast, a well-deserved treat. Despite the rain prompting some to depart promptly, the BBQ and raffle raised $200 for the Belgravia Foundation. The proceeds will be reinvested into the community.

The 2024 MOVE Triathlon at Queens Park Swimming Pool may have been dampened by rain, yet it highlighted the resilience of those who participated, embodying community spirit and the importance of daily physical activity for overall health and well-being.

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